Now Arriving: Games of June 2019

Gamer Crash

June is here and it’s a big month for fans of Video Games. The biggest event in all the land is only a week away, so prepare for a look into the future when E3 2019 arrives. June is also the start of the dreaded Summer Drought, where studios essentially go dark and prepare for the great Fall Games Release Bonanza.

Still, June could be a lot worse. There’s a few big names to discuss, so let’s have a look.

The biggest name this month comes from Nintendo as Super Mario Maker 2 unleashes creative chaos again on the Switch. Taking the addictive and enjoyable fundamentals from the overlooked WiiU title, Super Mario Maker 2 delivers even more content, stages, themes, and levels for players to make their own Mario levels or playing other courses created by others.

Crash is back! Again! While Activision gave us a new look on…

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