The SEGA Genesis Mini Should Include Some SEGA CD Games

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It was only a matter of time. When the NES Classic and SNES Classic broke sales records everywhere, console manufacturers decided to throw their hat into the mini console craze. Unfortunately, most of them just had trouble with competing with the quality of Nintendo’s mini systems. As much as I love the original Sony PlayStation, the PlayStation Classic’s selection of games were quite underwhelming. The NEOGEO Mini hamstringed themselves by designing it to look like a teeny arcade cabinet and not allowing two people to play out of the box, a stunning oversight considering that the system comes packed with several fighting games.

Well, it looks like Nintendo’s original archenemy wants to beat Nintendo at their own game, so to speak. SEGA, who has been out of the console manufacturing business for a good, long while now, are coming back to try their hand at the new min console craze…

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