Episode 310: Five Things I Want to See at E3

3rd World Geeks


E3 has always been a magical time of year for gamers. This is the week in the year where game companies put their best foot forward and try to impress their prospective audiences with their upcoming products. They put on this big song and dance in order to get people hyped for something that may not even be ready in the same year! And, honestly, I’m a huge sucker for that. I mean, almost four whole years ago, we were treated to some really big reveals like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III and we still haven’t seen a concrete release date for either of them! That’s three entire years!

That’s E3 for ya! They hype up the stuff, even if they have no idea if and when they’ll actually release the things. And we eat it all up hungrily and ask if there’s more. Well, this year…

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