Nintendo’s E3 Direct Predictions!

Bring Your Own Games

Nintendo is stacked with games this year and we are starting to get release dates on some of them, but we have yet to hear about dates for the rest of them. We already know about Fire Emblem and Super Mario Maker 2, they are approaching rather quickly. However, it’s games like Animal Crossing that we still know almost nothing about. And, with the recent confirmation of the new Pokemon game coming in early November, Nintendo’s schedule for the rest of the year is looking pretty nice.

Animal Crossing Gets a 2020 Release Date

Animal Crossing is arguably Nintendo’s second biggest title this year after Pokemon and it deserves its time to shine. However, because it isn’t being advertised as a game to appear on the show floor at E3, this may mean that the game is farther off than we may hope. Of all games that are supposed to…

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