My E3 2019 Wishlist

That Green Dude

Wishful thinking?

My E3 2019 Wishlist thumbnail

We all have those games that we wish got sequels or reboots. I have mine and that’s why I have made an E3 2019 wishlist. This is pretty much a dream list of games I want to get made. Now whilst it would be awesome if all of these got announced, I would be happy if just one happened.

There will be some games here in this list you may not have heard of, some that haven’t seen a game in over 10 years. There will be some surprising games here that you might not find on any other list and some that if you know me well, won’t be surprised at all to see them.

Without further ado, let’s get into this wishlist.

10. Rival Schools (Reboot)

rival schools screen

There are many fighting games that have been left dormant, waiting for their return to the arena. One of those…

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