Cogs In Cogs

Return to House of Grouse

Well Gentle Giant may not be everyone’s cup of tea but hey I sort of like them and as I am discussing the Sharn Wilderness it is sort of appropriate. Now everyone knows I love wildernesses more than most dungeons. Certainly the sprawls of Barovia have become a fast favourite and so much so that I finish the slayer before finishing the saga.

So first thing about the Cogs is it is  big. But feels even bigger as there is a lot variation in height. From down under the cascade of molten melt to what I assume is an acid bath/shower. This is certainly a wilderness which pays not to get wet. Most people will avoid the molten bits (except certain hirelings who will stand and burn) but there is a lot more in the wild to be careful of.

Stairs and ramps all over the place makes it difficult…

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