“Red’s Top 7 Raddest E3 2019 Moments!”

The Well-Red Mage


“You’re breath taking [sp?]!”
-that guy



E3 2019 is over! I guess? I dunno, it’s kind of hard to tell when you watch everything out of order like I do. Before the shimmer and sparkle of the powerfully wealthy entertainment industry fade from our eyes, here are my top 7 raddest (most rad) moments from gaming’s week-long commercial!


#7. Keanu Reeves showing more emotion than he’s ever shown in any of his movies

Who knew that Keanu could act? Apparently, John Wick has been the revisionist to recreate his public image as an actor, but I saw what happened at the Xbox conference, in which Keanu was absolutely the highlight. I can barely remember what he looked like in the game but what a crack up to see this full-grown immortal giddily struggling through his teleprompter like a gamer at E3. Oh yeah, and I think he…

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