Breath Weapon Dice Pools


Torching (acidifying, electrifying, poisoning, freezing) the whole party with a dragon’s breath weapon is hands-down one of the most fun moments as a Dungeon Master. In 5th Edition D&D, the DM rolls a ton of dice and players save for half damage. The breath weapon recharges at the beginning of the dragon’s turn if it rolls a 5 or a 6. For easy mode, roll at the end of the dragon’s turn so the players have metagame knowledge of whether the breath weapon is in play.

This mechanic is good, but I’m a tinkerer.

Points of Improvement

I hesitate to call these “issues” because I don’t think there’s anything broken about the breath weapon. They run great. There’s give-and-take with any design mechanic. So, consider these areas of opportunity.


Whether you’ve played with or against a dragon, you know the breath weapon is brutal. As well it should be…

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