Raids week 127

Micki's Delirium

Raids 127 happened June 15, 2019.

1. Old Baba’s Hut R1
Horhus wanted to try tanking 1 shambler on R1, so Carlinee stayed to keep the other. We had 3 Soko Irrlicht players (+ Lubash), so I suggested Horhus and Leo go with them left, the rest with me right. I had the hut on me about half the time when the hut was active. In the hut I frogged totems and imploded lesser crows, but we had so much dps that I didn’t actually need to. End fight was close to flawless and we completed in 37 min, 49 s. Loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Memory of a Tailor’s Duress, Spite, the Fractured Shards and The Invisible Cloak of Strahd.

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