Simple Trap System


Traps can be fun. A great myth is that traps need to be carefully curated to be worth anything. While curated traps are wonderful, even simple traps can be great. Here’s a simple system for running fun and impactful traps at your table:

Trap PDFDownload the PDF via DM’s Guild

Elements of a Good Trap

For a good trap, you need flavor, interactivity, and suspense.

  • Flavor comes from having a variety of traps with different effects.
  • Interactivity comes from giving the players a choice that impacts the outcome of the trap.
  • Suspense comes from lasting consequences that make the rolls matter.

Flavor is easy to satisfy with a list of traps that target different saves and deal various damage types. This provides a spark to describe the trap how you want.

For interactivity, some DMs employ the “click” rule–a great concept that is ripe for mechanical development. More on that later.

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