Three Failed Gimmick Games that Would Work Today

3rd World Geeks

As technology improves, you can bet video games will take advantage of these advances. We evolved from cartridges to CDs to Blu-Ray and now everything can be downloaded or streamed nowadays. No one has to trip over those long cables on the floor thanks to wireless controllers. Graphics have evolved from pixelated blobs on the Atari to photo-realistic polygons on PCs and modern consoles.

But there are those instances in history when developers did try to use emerging technology in their games. Unfortunately, the tech just wasn’t good enough to make their vision into reality. That wouldn’t be the case now, though. Well, for these games, anyway…

Lifeline (PlayStation 2)

Lifeline is… interesting. It’s a game that was released on the Sony PlayStation 2 that required the microphone because, instead of controlling Rio, the main character, using the DualShock controller, you issued voice commands to her. It’s a game that…

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