Something Got A Hold Of Me

Return to House of Grouse

Something certainly has, I have been looking at the characters I have at cap that are there to run for heart seeds when I need them. I have had them for years but only use them when I have a need and it is for grinding purposes. So looking at what they have done in terms of completing quests they have missed chunks of quests especially those that have come since menace of the underdark.

My guildie is pushing to get the 2500 for favoured soul and I guess it lit a spark under me. Of the three at cap, Grousefly, Grousesly and Grousevoker (I should really rename voker as he will end as a favoured soul), none of these have hit 2500 favour and knowing a certain dwarf on twitter who hits the 5000 with every toon I really need to spend some time fixing this.

I think the…

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