Hori’s Split Pad Pro is a Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessory

3rd World Geeks

I love handheld gaming, and I love the Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, my preferred method of gameplay with the Switch is in docked mode. As novel as the idea of a hybrid home/portable console is, I avoid playing my Switch in handheld mode if I can because of a few design flaws.

First, the Nintendo Switch JoyCon do not have grips and are quite thin, so it’s quite uncomfortable for me. Right now, I’m using a silicon JoyCon case with built-in grips which kind of works, but they’re a little loose and slip off easily during intense gaming. I’ve considered full body cases with grips (e.g. the famous Skull & Co. grip case) but I play in docked mode a lot too, so it’s an issue for me to keep removing/replacing the casing.

The second issue with the design of the Nintendo Switch is how the analog sticks and face buttons…

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