25 Volcanic City Adventure Seeds

Ready To Role

We’re here with even more Adventure Seeds for you! We continue with our theme of fantastical cities as we explore a city nestled inside a volcano! Is it me, or is it hot in here?

Per usual, had a lot of fun with this list, even if I was a bit slow to come up with some of the basic ideas. But soon they erupted and started flowing like lava down the side of a volcano! Of course, there’s a fire/lava/heat theme with the vast majority of these, but considering the limits of living in a volcano I hope you enjoy them all the same!

There were a few assumptions with this list per usual that could be altered as you see fit:

  • The city is inside the volcano,
  • The city is protected by some form of magic from the extreme heat- be it magic cast over the city, rings…

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