Another Foray Into the DM’s Guild

Return of the Dungeon Master

I’ve launched another adventure on the DM’s Guild. This is the second adventure I’ve published there and this one is designed for use with only the freely downloadable Basic Rules. Now that won’t stop you running the adventure if you have the full set of core books, but it means you don’t have to own these.

As someone who recently returned to the hobby after years away, I understand the apprehension with which new DMs approach running their first session. I wanted this adventure to hold their hand throughout the process and I also wanted their to be a low entry cost. The adventure itself is only $1.99 on the Guild and that price includes full colour virtual tabletop maps for use with VTT apps like Roll20 and it also has the full Fantasy Grounds version of the adventure thrown in for free.

The adventure is a fairly basic little…

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