The Half-Cask Tavern

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Half-Cask Tavern

Up near the docks, between the Clinkers district and the docks themselves is the Half-Cask. In an area known for its inns and taverns, the Half-Cask presents a very traditional “drinking hall” environment, making it popular with locals and travellers alike.

The Half-Cask Tavern The Half-Cask Tavern

The Half-Cask is a friendly single-story tavern / drinking hall of fairly traditional design.  Stone foundations and lower walls are topped with raw timber walls and a heather-thatched roof. Operating without a “bar” per se, clients order drinks (and sometimes food) from the staff who work the room.

The owner, Amina Donisi, tells many tall tales of adventures, distant lands, strange islands, and improbable monsters. These aren’t actually her own experiences, as she has never been more than a few hours outside of the city – but are amalgamations of stories told by other visitors & clients of the establishment.

The Half-Cask Tavern (no grid) The Half-Cask Tavern (no grid)


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