Building a Homebrew Spellcaster


Homebrew Spellcaster Template
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Click the link for a spellcaster template prefilled with spell progression, spell known ranges, cantrip known ranges, ability score improvements, “dead levels”  for new spell level access, and the full Class Features and Spellcasting text in fillable format. Click “Source” in the top-right to add your own info, then copy it to The Homebrewery.


Full Casters are classes most capable of using magic in the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. The five Full Caster classes in the Player’s Handbook all follow a standard spell progression for the number of spells they can cast per day. The difference lies in the spells they know, spell preparation, cantrips they can cast, and class features.

We’ll examine these differences to understand how the D&D designers build Full Casters. Generally, following these tropes is advisable. However, if you come up with a thematic explanation as to why your homebrew Full Caster…

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