Return to Dyson’s Delve – Levels 5 & 6

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Today we return to my classic “Dyson’s Delve” with another pair of maps from my 2019 redraw of levels 5 and 6 of this mini-mega-dungeon.

Dyson's Delve 2019 - Level 5 Dyson’s Delve 2019 – Level 5

Level 5 is known as the howling halls and is essentially an abandoned section of the dungeon. The creatures that made the upper levels their homes find it unsafe to descend this deep, and the creatures below are only now exploring this far up. Instead, the level is eerily noisy and yet populated by only the scavengers of the dungeon ecosystems – carrion crawlers, gelatinous cubes and the like.

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