Hiding in Plain Sight


Various skills, tools, spells, and abilities in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons enable characters to hide in plain sight. Employing techniques to guise a character’s voice, change their appearance, or create writings can be invaluable to their survival.

Wielding this power is up to you: Do you want to slip past the tavern bouncer to grab a pint without being harassed about paying your tab? Do you want to pass off a fake work order to trick a rival empire’s quartermaster into outfitting your keep? Do you want to impersonate the virtuoso bard to impress the fair maiden? (I’ve heard you practicing that one song after the rest of the party goes to sleep.)

What’s the best way to do it?

Basic Skills: What Can Everyone Do?

Deception. Let’s set a baseline by looking at what you can do with the basic Deception skill. Visually, you can pass yourself off…

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