The MMORPGs I have been playing


Although I took a break from posting about MMORPGs for a couple of months, I have been playing them nonetheless. I continue to play a couple of different games to fill different needs and play schedules.

World of Warcraft
Friends and family keep me tied to Azeroth pretty firmly this year so far, I’ve taken the odd break, but with 8.2 now here there’s new stuff to do again. I play a good three or four sessions of WoW a week on average, with half the time being group dungeon runs and the remainder duo’ing new content with my husband. The two new zones seem mostly duo friendly, so I look forward to pushing on through them with him.

Nazjatar can be tough

Recently we were running low on things to do with our small circle of friends, and 8.2 hasn’t fixed that yet because the new ‘mega-dungeon’ doesn’t unlock…

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