Raids week 130

Micki's Delirium

Raids week 130 happened July 3 and July 6. Here are the highlights.


1. The Mark of Death EN

Osi had joined Matrix’s THTH when I logged on, so it was just me, Leo and Azzallea. Hamster joined and after waiting about 15 min I figured we could do a quick mod while waiting for more to join (I posted for hox). I stayed center while Leo and Azz did the rooms, which was going fine until people started joining the lfm and I got distracted. I got in trouble with beholders and some time after we killed the death knights we wiped (Hamster wasn’t flagged so was sitting it out). A jibber’s was used and we completed in 11 min 6 s. Loot: 7 masterwork tapestry shreds, 8 threads of fate, 64 death runes (I think, as I forgot to screenshot them) and Epic Litany of the Dead

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