DDO: Grey Moon Waning

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I spy with my little eye… a four-part quest series in Dungeons and Dragons Online that will make for an excellent blog post! I haven’t touched on the Sorrowdusk Isle series yet, and I do so love it when you can get through a small cluster of quests in rapid succession. This place is a haven for cults that’s also populated by some ogres that I befriend (for some reason).

And the first task to make friends? Go and rescue a captive ogre named Achoo. Er, Achka. This very, very short (so short) quest takes place in the Iron Mines, and I was in and out in under five minutes — and that was with TWO deaths, thanks to trying to sprint across a bridge lined with force traps. I thought it was a matter of timing the run, but I guess there was a control panel I missed…

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