A Return To The Table

Return of the Dungeon Master

As regular readers of this blog will be aware, I am predominantly a digital DM. However, in recent months I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to playing in person at a physical table. Partly this has been driven by running the odd game for my son and his friends, but also because many of the players in my online games, while not exactly local, are at least able to travel into the same city to meet up, so we do get the occasional game in person at the table.

I’ve also been drawn back as a result of picking up various play aids including the the official D&D 5e Dungeon and Wilderness Tiles, D&D Monster Cards, The Deck of Beasts and the D&D 5e Spellbook Cards (some of which I’ll review in upcoming blog posts). I’ve also started picking up minis to use with some great Pathfinder battlemats I’ve had for…

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