When Nostalgia Goes Bad


Somewhere in My Memory…

Last time, we talked about the inner workings of nostalgia, what it is, and how it can affect us in positive ways. For example, remembering happier times in the past can improve mood and help reduce stress, and can overall give people a boost in positive feelings.

But the word nostalgia comes from “nostos” meaning returning and “algos” meaning suffering. One of the dangers of nostalgia is that the bittersweet memories of times long past might, indeed, cause true suffering. The nostalgic past is a constructed and skewed past; it is imaginary and never actually happened.

Image result for nes controller Four directions and two red buttons could give you anything you needed < wistful sigh >

It’s amazing how much damage a desire to return to a fantasy can cause.

The Best Years of My Life

As we talked about last time, nostalgia can have a positive effect…

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