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Nintendo finally announced what a lot of people guessed was coming along: the Nintendo Switch Lite. An honest-to-goodness budget version of the popular console/portable for $200. While the idea of a budget version without some of the major features like console docking, the detachable controllers, IR sensors, and rumble is a bit frustrating; it’s hard to argue with the price tag. Considering that Nintendo is retiring the Nintendo 3DS after nearly a decade, it makes sense to bring in a more modestly-priced system to fill the void.

That being said, as I and other Switch-owning friends have mused: it’s a bit weird to get the Switch without some of the core features that make it so resonant. That’s not the end-all-be-all, though. Considering the buy-in for someone who may only want to play portable is now substantially less for someone who may want a cheap system to play the new

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