White Plume Mountain for 5e: A reflection.

Return of the Dungeon Master

Recently, I’ve been playing more than writing about D&D, hence the long gap between posts. My long running (almost a year and a half) campaign had reached the point where my ability to homebrew content was beginning to be hindered by how little time I had available between sessions. As a result I started to look back towards pre-published content.

Luckily, the party had just hit level 8 and it turned out that this level was ideal for ‘White Plume Mountain’ from ‘Tales from the Yawning Portal’. I jumped with joy a little bit when I realised that I could also tie it in with my current storyline about a curious Cleric who has a sideline in building specialised dungeons to protect magical items. That works really well with the main thrust of WPM being about the recovery of three magical items.

So far, we’ve played one session, but I’ve…

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