The Curse of the Third Video Game Console System

3rd World Geeks

Here’s a vocabulary lesson for you: Apophenia. This word generally means that humans tend to see patterns when there are none. This is why people believe that they can win big in the lottery or why conspiracy theories tend to make sense to some. Maybe this post is me dipping into my apophenia (not sure if I’m using the word correctly here) but, when it comes to companies that make video gaming consoles, it seems like every third system they make is cursed.

Yeah, I sound like a crackpot, don’t I? It can’t possibly true, can it? But, if you look at the history of video gaming consoles, every third “generation” that they make signals a downturn for the company. In fact, the pattern can be seen from the very dawn of the very first successful video game console manufacturer: Atari.

Of course, every gamer is at least familiar with…

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