E3 2019 – Microsoft


These are going to take a while because being the person I am I like to juggle too many things at one time, buuuutttttttt, we are back with the second conference of E3 being Microsoft! So let’s get into it.

The conference started well in my opinion, and before watching a lot of people talked about how bad it was and how Sony won without even being there, so I was surprised that people were saying that initially. Going past the little montage of games to be shown Outer Worlds was the first to be shown which I didn’t like. It just looks like borderlands with a hint of Fallout, and I don’t like either of those games, so it’s a no from me (sorry not sorry).

Next Ninja Theory came out with their new game Bleeding Edge, and I liked it. I prefer the third-person view, and I think the…

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