Egg Moves


I often draw tabletop RPG inspiration from playing totally unrelated games. In the Pokemon game series, you can breed your Pokemon together for a variety of reasons. Breeders like cosmetics such as “shiny” alternative colored monsters and pokeball styles, stronger statistics, and even moves that they could not otherwise learn. Let’s focus on that last one.

What Are Egg Moves?

By breeding with a Pokemon of another species, your Pokemon can learn egg moves that they would not normally learn by leveling up. Breeding these egg moves gives the baby monster a more varied moveset that provides “coverage” against monster types they wouldn’t normally be effective against.

Combining Monsters

How can we adapt this to our tabletop? Varied options present varied tactics, which make more interesting monsters. For example, normal soldiers trained for 1-on-1 combat are less susceptible to being swarmed when they have a breath weapon. If we can…

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