Tuesday Tag: The Top 10 Video Game Characters

Let's Get Galactic

This is a little different of a tag from the normal ones I do, because this one evolved from a Top 10 list! My lovely friend Destiny @ Howling Libraries turned her Top 10 into a tag, and I couldn’t be more glad she did; if she hadn’t, I probably would’ve taken the idea anyway, ’cause it’s so good! I love that some of my best bookish friends are also into the other stuff I like, whether it’s art or video games or embroidery. I have so many hobbies I love, and sharing them with people is amazing! Thank you for this fun tag/list, Destiny!

So, for this list, I tried to pull from my entire history of gaming, which started when I was maybe… 3? 4? I didn’t just pick characters of games I loved, I picked the characters I loved regardless of how I felt about the…

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