DDO: The plague doctor is in!

Bio Break

As I continue through the Disciples of Rage adventure pack in House J, I’ve gone from bad news to worse. Not only has the entire city been infected by the rage plague, but so have I — which means that simply interacting with NPCs is difficult without getting into fights. It’s kind of interesting to have a personal interest in the quest chain, and with that in mind, I head out to the outskirts of town to find my old friend Brawnpits the giant and ask for his help in formulating a cure.

Brawnpits, you might recall, was a giant who wanted to become an actor, and I helped him with his aspirations:

He’s not that pleased to see me or with his thespian life, but oh well, he owes me. In The Madness of Crowds, Brawnpits and I work on a shamanistic cure, although it doesn’t really end…

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