Bag of Holding Fish Tank


How long can a sahuagin live in a water-filled Bag of Holding?

In my last session, my players took a sahuagin captive. Intent on returning their captor to Saltmarsh for inquisition, they bound him, filled their Bag of Holding with water, and deposited the fish man inside. When they poured out the contents back in town, their captive unceremoniously flopped out dead. It had been 10 hours.

The Argument

The 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide helpfully instructs that there’s 10 minutes of air in a Bag of Holding. This is an oversimplification, but in the case of one air-breathing creature, they can last 10 minutes.

Bag of Holding

To me, it didn’t matter whether the bag was filled with air or water; any amphibious creature inside had 10 minutes to breathe. My players protested this rationale, drawing an analogy to a fish tank. Convincing, but I figured this precise situation as more of…

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