Sunday Serenade: Twisted Metal, Ulchero, Doom, and more

Bio Break

So new/returning feature here at Bio Break — a “for fun” Sunday music playlist with random songs that I listened through and enjoyed from the week previous. Some of these will be video games, but not all.

“Main Theme” from Twisted Metal — I remember these games being insane demolition derbies that I could never quite master. This theme is 80s hair metal gonzo and does an effective job giving off the energy of the matches to come.

“Level Up” by Ulchero — I subscribe to a few copyright-free music channels, and there are a surprising number of catchy little ditties on them. Like this one, for example. Just upbeat and peppy. It’s the kind of music I need some days, nothing too complicated.

“Sweet Little Dead Bunny” from Doom — Can a song be both cute, disturbing, and all-out rock? If it’s from Doom, I guess so! At least…

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