The Frogs’ Reliquary

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Even bullywugs have saints, holy frogs, and sanctified leaders and allies. They aren’t common, and they are revered. This bullywug reliquary dates back to the rule of the Verdant Administrant and The Empire of Gold.

The Frogs' Reliquary The Frogs’ Reliquary

The reliquary itself is collapsing into a much deeper dungeon. It can be entered from the jungle entrance in an old bullywug temple, or by climbing up out of the deeper levels below. But getting into the reliquary proper to acquire the holy relics within requires collecting the Agate, Jade, and Lapis keys that are sealed into tombs around the space.

The Frogs' Reliquary (no notes) The Frogs’ Reliquary (no notes)


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