Screenshot Saturday: LOTRO, DDO, GW2, WoW, ESO

Bio Break

I’m resurrecting another old Bio Break feature in honor of this month’s Blaugust 2019 event, which is a collection of random screenshots that I took recently (or a while back and never shared). First up is a picture of my Lore-master entering Gladden Fields in LOTRO for the first time.

I’m always a sucker for in-universe art, and this LOTRO flyer of the Goblin King amused me. What, is that four chins?

This poor guy in DDO has way too many eyes and too few genitals. Can’t imagine that he’s happy with his lot in life.

Um… should you be taking the time to pose and salute when there are LIT SUPER-BOMBS ALL OVER THE PLACE?

Speaking of too many eyes. A character looking at or talking to their reflection in a game or movie always means they’re disturbed at best or intently evil at worst.

Looking out the exit…

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