Raids week 134

Micki's Delirium

The raids I talk about here are always my led raids. If I’ve joined someone else’s hosted raids, I don’t do a blog about them. This week I was away Saturday so Osi did the Sat raids, I only did Wednesday July 31. The new Sharn raid was out only a few hours before my Wednesday raids. Here is the recap.

1. Project Nemesis LN – failure
At least Storms, Osi and Fleea had completed the raid before, so I was asking about the mechanics. I wanted to record our first run(s), and was therefor only using discord voice chat (my recording software only allows for one push to talk key and I normally use two). I asked Storms to explain the raid to us and we spent a bit of time at the start going through things before starting. Things were going resonable well, but as we were killing…

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