DM’s Bag of Tricks: Magic Items 2

Ready To Role

Picture Credit: Wizards of the Coast

I’m back with a fresh helping of magic items for your campaigns. Unlike the past article some of these are purposely half-baked. I did this because everyone’s table is a bit unique; what one group might find extremely game breaking another might enjoy for the same reason. Think of them as the pre-cut and chilled versions of cookie dough, so all you need to do is make some final decisions to run them over the finish line and into your game.

(I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce here that me and my lovely family are expecting a new baby boy in September 2019! So I’ll be having longer gaps between my articles as one might expect given having a newborn on the way. There’s a small chance that being up late night will actually give me more time to think about…

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