That Second Screen Life

Many Welps


I’ve been having a little debate with myself for months. Do I want a second monitor? Yes. Do I need a second monitor? Well, it’d be nice. What would you even do with it? Oh you know, stuff….

For the longest time, I wanted a 27″ monitor but that would look weird with the 24″ so I’d have to buy 2. It turns out I don’t have the desk space or the funds to buy 2 nice ones. So I settled on getting another 24″ monitor and a VESA mount for the same price as a low end 27″. This was Sunday night.

Fast forward to Monday. I forgot Amazon Prime has that whole 1-day shipping thing now and was quite surprised when I got a notification that they were both delivered. Now I live in an apartment complex. This is important because Amazon delivered it to my door, in…

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