My take on player factions for Eberron


In working on a couple of adventures that I hope to publish soon ™ on the DMs Guild website, and in doing so I’ve been searching for an Eberron specific equivalent of the player factions that characters in Forgotten Realms Adventurers’ League adventures can interact with and ally themselves too.

The “player faction” system as described in the linked web page is also present in similar form in Starfinder Society organised play (and I believe in Pathfinder Society play also) with lore appropriate equivalent groups. I like the idea of this as a tool for GMs to have existing structures to base NPCs within and to give players the chance for some kind of story/political progression within a campaign.

So far at least there’s no official player factions for the Eberron setting, at least that I can find. Below are my ideas so far for the factions I would want…

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