Write what you like to read

Many Welps


It’s brainstorming week for and I figured I should write something on the topic. Though take this advice with a grain of salt, I am far from a consistent, everflowing source of content.

One of the major benefits of participating in Blaugust, it forces you to flex those brainstorming muscles Brainstorming is a skill that gets better with practice. You can look for content everywhere and you get better at spotting things that will make a good blog post. It’s also an active endeavor. You can’t sit around waiting for the next great idea to come to you. Otherwise, you end up with months between your posts or no posts at all.

Now, on to my one brainstorming tip:

Write what you enjoy reading.

Whenever I’m looking for something to write about I look to my feed and see what I enjoyed reading that day/week/month and use that as a…

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