Obsessed with trophies

Later Levels

Hi. My name is Phil, and I’m addicted to trophy hunting.

But who cares, right? It would be wrong to compare trophies or achievements to Marmite because I’ve not yet found anyone that is outright against them. For some, it’s just an annoying pop-up which is a minor annoyance and easily turned off. So why aren’t we all interested in these small moments of gratification? Isn’t this the purpose of videos games in the first place, to challenge the brain and reward success? The answer is ‘no’ as there’s so much depth to gaming today than ever before, but I’d like to share a specific purpose that trophies have served for me.

video games, trophies, achievements

Xbox 360 owners had achievements from day one, and Sony finally caught up in July 2008 with the first set of trophies for Super Stardust HD. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them as…

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