Slaughter in the Halfling Village [NGR Play Report]

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In our weekly Neoclassical Geek Revival game I had to make a new character because last session ended in what I think was the most perfect TPK I’ve had in ages. We actually almost succeeded at our mission (we run about a 25% success rate currently), got home, and then succumbed to our wounds – dying from disease and mutation and injury in the end-of-session “downtime”.

So I made a new character to join our brave guild of adventurers – Gerold Taskooveras (Jerry). Jerry’s background had him start as a beggar, become a pickpocket, and then spend a few years locked away for his crimes. He’s just been released from jail and has travelled into the hinterlands to make an “honest” living. He’s two parts rogue, one part fool.

Instead of going back (once again) into Elfbreaker Mountain to try to reclaim the dwarven ancestor’s corpse for her clan, we…

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