Rewinding time: the best save point items

Later Levels

Wouldn’t it be good if save-points were a thing in real-life? Just imagine how beneficial they’d be. Before that job interview, important presentation or first date, you’d be able to make a copy of your years up until that point – and rewind time if you made a big mistake. Of course, this does open up some SOMA-type dilemmas but let’s forget about those for the moment.

Video games mimicked life back in the day in that they didn’t contain save-points. If your console was switched off while playing (usually as a result of your parents yelling ‘Turn that thing off this second!’), all your gameplay would be lost and you’d have to start over. It was therefore heaven when developers began introducing items that allowed you to save your progress. Forget about the standard autosave feature of today: the following objects caused us all to breathe a sigh…

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