DDO: Volcano spelunking and Slave Leia outfits

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It’s been a while since I did a write-up on one of our Dungeons and Dragons Online group runs, so why not? For a recent run, we elected to do one of the game’s newer adventure packs — White Plume Mountain — even though the pen-and-paper module was published way back in 1979. Maybe it took us that long to forget that spelunking under an active volcano might not be the brightest of ideas…

What I like about these more recent adventures is that you can plainly see how the dev team has moved past the warehouse-and-sewer-and-dull cave phase that it was in for a while there. This cave system seemed a lot more interesting to me, with moody colors and often water underfoot. Pretty!

Early on, this particular room nearly triggered a full wipe for our group. Up above was a series of bridges that were super-slippery, and unless…

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