Rosewood Street Sewers

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The sewers under Rosewood Street are large and open compared to most in the city. Built out of much older structures that were repurposed ages ago, the sewers are a mix of utilitarian and overly ornate.

Rosewood Street Sewers Rosewood Street Sewers

While most sewers are made of brick, clay, or masonry – a few feet wide and tall enough to walk down (especially if you are shorter than the average human), much of the structures under Rosewood are of old stonework with vaulted 8-12 foot ceilings. Parts were once the basements of a much older temple and palace – now with pipes breaking through the walls to pour waste water and other wastes into them.

There are three points of access into this section of sewers (if you don’t count the many drain and flow pipes that are too small even for the skinniest of halflings to travel). From street level there…

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