You Have Earned a Trophy: Not Being a Jerk About It


You’re playing a game, and all of a sudden, you get a little notification:

Image result for trophy earned…or

Image result for achievement unlocked xboxAnd you feel a little thrill. You just achieved something pretty cool! After all, you were given a trophy or an achievement, and now you want to share it. So you tell your friend or take to social media, and are met with praise for your achievement, but then there is always that one person who has gotten the trophy and the one on the harder difficulty, or platinumed a game (or six), and they just so casually drop it that you think that maybe your great achievement wasn’t quite good enough.

What Gives? Social Hierarchy

Social hierarchy is a concept to familiar to many species; in fact, it’s familiar to any species that has a defined social order, from ants to bees to dogs to dolphins to rats to gorillas to people. This kind…

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