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Today we are over halfway through Blaugust. This post today will mark 17/31 which is just as far as I got last year. Any post after this completes my soft Blaugust goal of writing more than I did last year. I’m still aiming for 31/31 days and I’m still feeling great about writing.

Every morning I wake up and see a little notification from WordPress on my phone. Today it says “You’re on a 21-day streak on I’m Not Squishy”.  Do you know how exciting that is? I’ve never posted this many days in a row before and I don’t see a reason to stop. Lately, when I don’t feel like writing I think about this little notification. The thought of breaking the streak pushes me to write something for the next day or next few days.

I find that steaks are a great motivator for me when forming new…

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