Trying out GOG Galaxy 2.0

Bio Break

While everyone seemed mad for a WoW Classic beta key last month, the only key I really wanted this summer was the one I got last week — access to GOG Galaxy 2.0.

GOG Galaxy is the digital platform for, my preferred site for games (some modern, tons retro). Over the past several years, I’ve built up a library of two hundred or so games, and the Galaxy client has become more useful installing and uninstalling them rather than using the website itself.

But then I heard about Galaxy 2.0 and the seemingly wonderful promise of being able to funnel ALL of my digital game platforms into one place, and I saw rainbows and unicorns (that’s my wallpaper motif, but I was also pretty excited). Gamers these days know how annoying it is to have to deal with multiple platform clients and try to remember what game is on…

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