RPGs: bunny hops, forward rolls and Adam Ant

Later Levels

One of the things I love the most about RPGs is that sense of being transported to a different world each time you start a new game. You could end up in a post-apocalyptic land fighting huge machines or mutated creatures; or you might find yourself taken back to the past, battling against evil knights or fearsome dragons.

Despite each entry in the genre feeling unique, they each contain several elements we’re immediately familiar with and that make us feel at home. There’ll be a central character who has a want, a need and a weakness, along with an inciting incident that sends them on an epic mission. Then we’ll have a villain of some kind who sees the protagonist as a threat to their progress and is hell-bent on their destruction. And throughout the journey there’ll be a series of smaller quests, usually designed to help the non-player characters…

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