Do dailies keep you gaming? #Blaugust2019


Gaming time has been a bit restricted of late, but I have been regularly logging into Everquest 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic – mostly it has to be said to do dailies.

In the former game I’ve no set goals to do other than the Days of Summer quests. If not doing those at a leisurely pace, I’m most likely to be found looping around the Plane of Magic doing the repeatable faction quests while also gathering and ticking off the two random tasks for the daily reward. Achieving these two select tasks is always very easy to do in limited time, for instance gather 40 resources and kill 8 different types of creature. It helps that I’m doing other easy things layered onto that – the faction quests are spread around this medium sized zone.

When playing SWTOR I’m most likely to be doing a round of…

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